Internal traffic without nat

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I’ve installed this great product.

It is possible the connection form the connected VPN users with another host on my local network without nat through the IP address of the pritunl server?.

My VPN users have assigned network, some services are located in the same L2 network with IP I need that the connection between both networks without nat, so if I connect from a VPN users to the connection must be originated with IP of the network.

This will be done with iptables -j RETURN for origin and destination networks. It is possible to deploy these rules on the pritunl server permanently, so if the red ver is restarted the rules will be activated?

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An enterprise subscription is required for non-NAT routes. Once NAT is disabled on the local network route the VPN virtual network must be added to the local network routing table with the Pritunl server as the next hop.

Cloud route advertisement is also available to automate this on AWS and Oracle Cloud. This is required for replicated server configurations where failover is required to update the route when the host with the route goes offline.