iOS/Android VPN authentications issues

I have Single Sign-On Authentication configured with Google Apps.

VPN Connections from macOS and Windows is fine but authentication is failing on iOS and Android - please advise.

Logs on the pritunl server: User auth failed “Invalid sso token”

Turning off SSO fixed the issue.

Thanks in advance

The single sign-on connection authentication will only work with the Pritunl Client on Linux, macOS and Windows.

thanks, Zach.

how about YubiKey or google authenticator? do they work on mobile devices?

If single sign-on connection authentication is disabled both will work on mobile devices. Single sign-on can still be used on mobile devices just without the additional per-connection authentication. The YubiKey must be connected to the device. This will work on Android and Apple devices with USB-C, it may not work on iOS devices.