Is it possible to disable OpenVPN and use WireGuard only?

In my org we’re only using WireGuard. However, configuring OpenVPN server seems to be currently mandatory (if it is not – please tell me how to disable it). Including providing unique port and subnet. So we do that, and immediately block that port on firewall :wink:

Additionally, this is quite confusing for the users.
If they see two buttons (green for OpenVPN and blue for WireGuard) they keep hitting the wrong one. Which doesn’t work of course.
Not to mention the case where the lack of wireguard-tools causes UI to only present ONE button labelled simply ‘Connect’ – it’s even harder for the user to figure out that’s not the option they are looking for.

It would be ideal if there was a checkbox ‘disable / enable openvpn’ (exactly the same as the checkbox for enabling wireguard).

Perhaps there’s more interest in such a feature and this could be implemented in the future?

There is no option to disable the OpenVPN server, it may be added in the future.

Thank you! I think this would be really useful. But for now, I’m at least glad I didn’t miss some obvious solution. Thx again!