Is the Pritunl Client Electron `pritunl-client` CLI have SSO Link as Stdout

I have this GitHub Action GitHub - nathanielvarona/pritunl-client-github-action: Establish automated secure Pritunl VPN connections with Pritunl Client in GitHub Actions, supporting OpenVPN and WireGuard..
One of the users raised an Issue [QUESTION] Working with SSO profiles · Issue #207 · nathanielvarona/pritunl-client-github-action · GitHub if the SSO is supported. I have no concrete answer yet.

Now my question is:
Is the Pritunl Client Electron pritunl-client CLI have SSO Link as Stdout?
Or is the GUI the only way to copy the SSO Link?

Let us know of any plans for the implementation on the CLI so I have to add it as a Limitation/Roadmap on the GitHub Actions


The single sign-on links are sent internally through the events WebSocket connection. Only the Electron GUI client has that functionality. It may be added in the future.

Thank you for the detailed information. That is what I also assumed upon digging the client source, only the GUI shows the SSO Link. Hopefully, this will be available soon for the CLI.