Issues after removing route

Hey Pritunl community! :slight_smile:

I just removed from the vpn’s server routes.

I now am unable to access my “vpn-locked” servers and websites.

Altough as far as i know removing just disables routing normal network traffic trough the vpn (e.g googling etc.)

Am i miss understanding something here?

Host-systems are setup to allow the pritunl server IPv4 and IPv6 adresses to connect via ssh, but as soon as i remove these connections are no longer possible, altough all it does (to my understanding) is stop routing all traffic trough the vpn, but only use it as a tunnel to access certain systems.

If theres any more i can provide please let me know.

You will need to add routes for the systems that will be access through the VPN. If it is an enterprise subscription with route options that configuration would require NAT to be enabled on those routes. Without a subscription all routes use NAT.

Urgh, such an obvious mistake… :sweat_smile:

Thank you for the hint!