Joining multiple standalone Pritunl's into a single MongoDB


We have multiple Pritunl instances, each one running their own local MongoDB host.
We would like to unify these instances into a single, external MongoDB to form a cluster.

What would be the best migration path to accomplish this? I know I could copy the contents from one of the MongoDB’s, but then I’m not sure how I would handle the other ones. I want to preserve existing user profiles as much as possible to avoid additional work. Are there any trouble related to standalone servers becoming nodes in a cluster?

I was thinking also of only exporting certain MongoDB collections and joining them, but I’m not sure if this would work.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

There is no way to merge different Pritunl databases, it would cause significant issues. MongoDB has information on converting a single host into a replica sets but one existing database would need to be selected and the other databases would need to be deleted.

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That’s fine, I imagined something like that…

Thanks zach! You’re great!