Latest release 1.30.3431.73 not available in repos

Unstable/stable apt repos for jammy:

The release has been listed on github for a few days now. I also noticed that there are no binary assets available in the release either.

Are some releases not going to have binaries available or is this a fluke?

The code wasn’t pulled before running the build causing the previous version to be rebuilt. This has been fixed snd the release is now on the unstable repository. These builds are still in testing and will be moved to the stable repository when completed.

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Is this the reason why I can’t upgrade the Pritunl server past version 1.30.3354.99 on Ubuntu Focal (20.04.5 LTS)?

Pritunl v1.30.3354.99 is the latest stable release. The unstable repository will provide the new releases.

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Ah! Got it, I didn’t realize the Github changelog showed everything without distinction in there.
Thanks for the info.