Limit and information

Hi, I wanted to ask the leading experts if there were (if any) limits on the number of clients/servers managed by a Pritunl Enterprise panel.
In my case I have a dedicated server with guaranteed bandwidth up to 10gbit with Pritunl Enterprise installed.
I created 13 different servers for equally different management which in total should support a maximum total number of 5/6,000 connections.

Will I be able to handle them?

Bandwidth will typically be limited by CPU performance. There is no limits on the number of connections, the software has been tested for 20k concurrent connections.

Tanhk you

reading on the test site , many hosts are represented for 250 users but I have only one host and I have inserted the same one on the 13 servers created . Is it okay the same? or will I have a total limit of only 250 users?

There’s no set limit on the number of users per host. The capacity on each host will depend on the performance of the host and the amount of bandwidth each user is sending. There hasn’t been any calculations done on exactly what number is suitable for each host, you will need to do testing.

perfect thanks

Hi guys! Thanks for answering. I will be grateful for your answer.
Are there any limitations for server instances in Pritunl community edition version? I can’t run more then 100 servers on one Pritunl host.

There’s no server limit with or without a subscription. Typically after 20-30 servers a host will have resource limitations, mostly with iptables. You can use lib_iptables for better performance by running sudo pritunl set vpn.lib_iptables true but 100 servers is far too many.