Limit user access to pritunl-links

Is there a way to limit users to certain pritunl-links ? For example, if I have a pritunl-link server in three different location, I want to limit certain users to a particular pritunl-link server.

Here’s the scenario.

pritunl vpn server in AWS VPC1
pritunl-link in AWS VPC1
pritunl-link in AWS VPC2
pritunl-link in AWS VPC3

When “user1” connects to the pritunl vpn server, I want to limit its access to only the pritunl-link in AWS VPC1. I want to block its access to all other pritunl-links.

Is this possible?


This would be done with either adding or removing routes from the Pritunl VPN servers or by using firewalls. Multiple servers and organizations can be used to handle access to different sets of routes.


Can you clarify how this is done with a concrete example?
I only have a standalone single Pritunl server. This server has multiple routes + multiple pritunl link servers. I only have one organization with multiple users. In this case, what is the best way to restrict users to certain routes?


The users can be split into multiple organizations. Multiple VPN servers can be run on one Pritunl host.

Thanks Zach. I was not aware that multiple VPN servers can be created on the same host. I’ll give this a try and let you know how it goes. Thx.