Log users

it is possible to delete the logs where there are the public ip of the users connected in vpn?

or through a script act in the mongodb and change all public IPs with a fake IP assigned in a variable

There’s no functionality in Pritunl to disable logging.

Ok and possibile use a script for chance pubblic ip in the mongodb?

Some of the logs also exist on the server. Scripts could be written to modify both but the functionality isn’t in Pritunl.

indeed, could you tell me the location and the files that can be deleted so that I can create a script to insert in the crontab that I will run every minute. Then I was wondering if I can also include the / temp folder in the script in order to delete old server confs that are no longer used (except those that are logically in use). .

I add, not being very good with mongodb, I ask those who know how to do it, a small script that replaces the client’s public IP address in the db with a fantasy one. Thank you