Looking for options to push pritunl's log data to another app for greater visibility

I want to get a msg or alert when a user logs in to a server. The easiest way my smooth-brain can think of is through the python Apprise library - then push it to discord or another messaging app…

But how do I get a python script to be aware of any newline/new data added to the pritunl log file? Instead of polling at some rate and potentially missing info, I was wondering if I could use pritunl in a fashion where it would be capable of pushing log data over a TCP pipe like rsyslog uses (I think, I’m talking about the local0 syntax used to specify what log data goes to which log file through rsyslog). Or could a .sock file entry into pritunl.conf work?

Thanks for reading

The user_connection handler in the Plugin System could be used for this. The synchronous plugin handlers should be avoided for this use case. An enterprise subscription is required for the plugin system.

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zach- I honestly had not even looked into the enterprise features given that this is just a personal homelab installation, sorry to say I don’t have any kind of budget for services. I do thoroughly appreciate you providing a free version! I’ve been using it for a few years and it is rock solid and was very easy to set up!