MacOS client update - Turns on Autostart


Having a bit of an issue with accounts getting locked out on Duo everytime we push out an update for the client to our end users.

Every time we update the application the system profile gets toggled on again, this then causes issues when a user closes their laptop without disconnecting first. The laptop will then come online for an update, or wake for some other reason and the VPN will automatically start trying to connect again.

Is there anyway to remotely push a terminal command to turn this setting off by default?

I’ve tried using the CLI interface, however the profiles were added via the application, so they aren’t listed in the CLI.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, even if someone could point me to where the file might be located

There is an option in the top right settings in the Pritunl server web console to disable automatic reconnection. This will disable the default reconnection on all clients but a system profile will still reconnect. I haven’t seen any issues with upgrading modifying the profile type. System profiles are stored in a different directory in a different format under the root account. The system profile should not be used if automatic reconnection isn’t needed. The reconnection should stop after receiving an authentication error the users are likely declining the first push authentication and that is triggering the accounts to get locked.