Multi host billing


We have an enterprise license and also have pritunl running on kubernetes. I was wondering how the multiple host billing works? At the moment we only ever have one container running and one host online at a time but i can see multiple hosts in ‘offline’ in the hosts page. Are we charged for these hosts? Is charging based on time host is up? Because containers come up and down I don’t want to be charged extra even tho we only have 1 host running at a time.


An email would be sent indicating how many hosts are active, it would be based on each public IP that sends the request to the subscription server. The hosts are getting created because the /var/lib/pritunl/pritunl.uuid is being lost when the container is recreated. This file should be preserved or preconfigured with a 32 length hex string. The number of hosts shown in the web console has no effect on the billing.

thanks I follow you up to a certain point then no more because a couple complicated for my knowledge.

remains a complex couple. If you can explain it to me in a simpler way (perhaps with an example of my case) I would be grateful.

The billing server will use the number of unique IP addresses that are actively utilizing the license key to determine the quantity. An IP address would be considered inactive after 30 minutes of not receiving an update.

ok but basically to get a new host to add to the current one do I have to ask by email? then how does it fit into the current server that I’m using where there is already one?

It will happen automatically, an email will be sent when the quantity changes.

So I have to ask for it via email and it will be added automatically?

No it is automatic and an email will be automatically sent notifying the change has occurred.

Ok tanks