Multi-host high availability


We are trialing the Enterprise version of Pritunl and we are trying to set up mutli-host for high availability.

I have two Prinunl server synced and using MongoDB Replication sets between the two servers to sync their local Mongo database which seems to be working correctly.

I powered off the primary Pritunl server to simulate and outage but it seems like the secondary server never activates and accepts connections. Is there a timeout field I need to specify for the failover to work correctly?

It seems to failover after the primary powers back on. I suspect I have some setting misconfigured or perhaps I am misunderstanding what exactly multi-host does.


A MongoDB replica set requires 3 nodes for a quorum. The server will show the status of each attached host. Both the hosts must be attached to the server. The replication count can be configured in the server settings to run the server on multiple hosts. If the replication count is less then the number of attached hosts the server will automatically start the server on other attached hosts after a host goes offline.

Hi Zach,

Thanks for the reply. I have deployed a third Pritunl server and added its local Mongo DB to the replication set. We currently have three MongoDB’s being replicated successfully.

I have added the third server to our primary server and I can now control it.

When we attempt to link all of the hosts together, I can only see a Primary and Secondary option. Unless I am misunderstanding what the Link Server feature actually does, I suspected this is used for high availability Pritunl servers.

I have tried to search for the answers in your documentation but I wasn’t successful.

Perhaps explaining what we wish to accomplish may help but we currently have a single public IP address used for VPN connections.

We wish to have two or three Pritunl servers running for high availability just in case we need to do maintenance or upgrades to one of the Pritunl servers but our users won’t lose their VPN connection or have to reconnect. For simplicity reasons, we only want one Pritunl connection/profile to appear in the Pritunl client.

Can Pritunl be used in this situation?

Thank you

Only one server in the servers tab needs to be created, then attach all the hosts to that server. Once all the hosts are attached to one server the user will see only one profile and a host will be randomly chosen by the client. The replication count can be changed to keep multiple hosts running for load balancing and faster failover.

Hi Zach,

Ah! That makes sense. I have removed all but one server from the servers tab and attached the three hosts to the single server and now, everything seems to work!

Thanks for all of your help.