Multiple users with same configuration

Hey, I want to share configuration between multiple users. I tried to activate the allow multiple devices function, but once that I’m trying to connect at the same time from multiple devices I getting error:
Stopping duplicate instance, check date time sync
On my devices there is Debian 10 and I’m using openvpn3 client.
Is it even possible to share one configuration and connect to it from multiple devices at the same time?
Thanks in advance !

@OriMeyuhas, hey! At least in my case this works exactly as expected when “Allow Multiple Devices” is checked.

Not sure if it may be the reason, but it is possible that your server time is incorrect, which causes the system to work incorrectly. As far as I’m aware, the datetime settings for the clients should not be relevant (I may be wrong).

Btw, also check “Max Devices” setting and make sure it’s set to 0 or some greater than “1” value.

Yes, I got this error on server log: Stopping duplicate instance, check date time sync.
I checked the devices and they sync in date time…

Any help?


Don’t know if it’s still relevant, but I would double-check the server timezone and make sure the time is correct. It may happen that the time is set incorrectly, which messes the encryption afaik.