Multiple vpc with same subnet in multiple public cloud[VPN]

Hi Team,
Sorry, i am totally new to all this and i don’t have much knowledge on how it works.
I have 4 aws account(4 different vpc) and 5 gcp project’s(3 are with in the shared vpc and 2 has independent vpc), most of the vpc has same subset/CIDR and don’t have any interconnection between these vpc’s. As of now we have 9 openvpn independently running on each vpc for each vpn connection.
I just wanted to make use of pritunl to centralized authentication and authorization to all these vpn’s and we are okay to setup pritunl in each vpc. I have no idea from where i need to start reading for get this done.
Can anyone help me to know how my setup needs to be by using pritunl and also please help me any reference document link for me to go through to setup accordingly.
Thank you very much for any help and looking forward to see any response.

The NAT Network Mapping option in the route settings will allow these configurations. An enterprise subscription is required for that option. A server can be created for each VPC and the route can be remapped to a unique address. This would allow the client to connect to all the VPCs at the same time but the client would still show separate servers for each VPC. You may be able to link the servers and have it all available from one server but that configuration has never been tested.

Otherwise to have all the VPCs available from one server a site-to-site linking system would need to be setup and the remapping would need to be done there. Pritunl Link does not support remapping.