OCI Route Advertisement

Would it be possible to get a fully fleshed out explanation of how to get Oracle Cloud route advertisement working, what it is doing, what the expectations are, etc?

I followed the guide, but it is leaving out a lot of things, such as:

  1. You need to put the user into a group.
  2. You need to assign a policy to the group that has permissions like:
    Allow group <group_name> to manage virtual-network-family in compartment <compartment_name>
  3. Is the intention here to advertise BGP routes?
  4. Is the intention here to inject the route into the default route table for the VPC?
  5. Is logging for this supposed to be posted to a specific log somewhere?
  6. When you check the Cloud Route Advertisement box and hit save, is it supposed to stay checked? Or does that always revert to unchecked?

I’d appreciate any help or explanation here. I’ve been fighting this all day long.

The policy would be ALLOW GROUP group_name to manage virtual-network-family IN TENANCY. The Oracle Cloud API is used to modify the VCN routing table routes, BGP is not used. Any errors would be logged to the top right logs in the web console. If the route advertise isn’t staying checked it’s likely an invalid configuration. Typically only the VPN virtual network should have the option enabled. The Oracle route advertisement documentation has more information.