Onelogin authentication does not support standard TOTP MFA


Im encountering an issue where i cant use the standard TOTP codes that i have setup on my Onelogin account becuase it appears as though the only supported MFA method for the Onelogin authentication is their Protect app via push notification.

It looks like the other Providers that have push options are still coded to support the TOTP codes like Okta and Duo but Onelogin is the only one that isnt.

Please could this be fixed?

The relevant code is here: pritunl/ at master · pritunl/pritunl · GitHub

The OneLogin Secondary Factor option in the top right settings can be set to Passcode. This should accept passcodes provided by OneLogin, it is only tested with the passcode provided by the OneLogin Protect app.

Do you have information on what the value of auth_factor_name is for your configuration? It can’t be changed to ignore the auth_factor_name because there are other non-relevant types that need to be ignored.

I dont know the value of auth_factor_name as i dont have that level of access. Im just looking for the app to acces TOTP codes from another authenticator like google authenticator. Im using 1password to handle my MFA but the auth factor name should be google if i understand their process.

The issue is that the line i posted ignores all other authenticators apart from the Onelogin protect app. I can enter a code from my other app, but the code is ignored and i get a OneLogin secondary not available error in my profile logs.