Pritunl CLI Password Prompt?

Is the only way for the pritunl-client (CLI client) to enter password when starting/connecting profile through -p argument? I am concerned that as it is a CLI command, it will logged into the shell command history.

This has been added to the client and will be included in the next release. If Golang is available on the client the update can be applied using the commands below to replace the CLI with an updated build.

GOPROXY=direct go install
sudo cp ~/go/bin/cli /usr/bin/pritunl-client-cli
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Thank you very much!

However, it might be more helpful if you point or put the commit that fix or implement the feature. This because you said…

This has been added to the client

…as if the feature already implemented in time I asked, which is not in this case. Except if you mention “This has just added in commit xxx…”. Sorry if I sounds a bit rude. :v::grin: