Pritunl client being flagged by Windows Defender

Hi there,

I am currently using v1.3.3600.11 of the client on my PC without issue. When upgrading to the latest version (as prompted by a popup in the client), Windows Defender pops up with a warning. Two other users have also reported this issue when downloading the latest release.

Any ideas how this issue can be resolved?

Many thanks

The recent releases use a new EV code signing certificate. It typically takes a some time for the code signing certificates to gain trust but there appears to be some issue. It’s the same Sectigo EV signer and it’s been in builds since Nov 4th 2023. Part of the issue may be that the past few releases have been attempting to fix several reoccurring macOS issues and the releases were never announced or published on the homepage. This is the first release with the new certificate that is showing the update notice in the client. As more users approve the SmartScreen prompt it should build trust. It’s possible there is an issue with the signing algorithm used, it did change along with switching from a Thales SafeNet to a YubiKey. If it continues I will get a new certificate. But the software is signed and all builds including Windows, macOS and Linux are done on secure dedicated build computers that are not used for any other purpose.

This appears to be fixed now, there should no longer be any warnings when opening the installer.

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