Pritunl Client v1.2.3124.65

Pritunl Client v1.2.3124.65 has been released.

This release fixes several issues with VPN network adapters on Windows.

The options /SILENT and /VERYSILENT have been added to the Windows installer. These options can be used to automate installs and run unattended installations. The silent option will run the installer with the dialog shown and confirm all prompts. The very silent option will run the installer in the background without any visible windows or prompts.

An update available notification has also been added to display a banner in the client when a new update is available.


The Windows tray icon has also been improved for better sizing on Windows 11.


After installing this update on Windows 10, I noticed that after connecting to VPN, tray icon was not changed (in previous versions of pritunl on the same Windows PC icon was changing after VPN is connected). Please assist. Thanks.

The client is being rewritten and redesigned with Typescript, the main process code was written to support both the new and old design. The connected icon hasn’t been completed in the new codebase.