Pritunl Client v1.3.3457.61

Pritunl Client v1.3.3457.61 has been released. This release migrates private keys for profiles to Electron safeStorage and adds the option to set the OpenVPN interface metric on Windows. This release also fixes DNS issues on macOS and connection issues on Windows.

macOS DNS Ventura Issue

With the release of macOS Ventura Apple change the design of the DNS system. This resulted in some configurations not working or randomly becoming unresponsive to DNS queries. All of these issues should now be fixed with this release.

Connection Issues

Some Windows devices have been experiencing errors when connecting related to the TUN/TAP network adapter. These issues have been fixed in this update. Several improvements for all operating systems have also been added to fix other connection issues.

Electron safeStorage

When a profile connection starts and when new profiles are imported the client will migrate the private keys for that profile to Electron safeStorage. Electron safeStorage will use the system key storage if available to encrypt the sensitive keys. This provides another layer of protection preventing some methods of key extraction from a system depending on the system configuration. Previously this type of storage was only done on macOS. A prompt may appear on some operating systems on connection asking the user to authenticate access to system key storage.

Interface Metric in Advanced Settings

Advanced settings have been added to the client in the top right menu. The primary use for this is to configure the network interface metric on Windows. This solves some advanced configurations that require a modified interface metric. The option is only effective on Windows. The other options should not be modified without knowledge of the software design.