Pritunl Cloud v1.2.2400.46

Pritunl Cloud v1.2.2400.46 has been released.

QEMU v7.0.0

The Pritunl KVM repository has been updated with QEMU v7.0.0. This QEMU version will work with previous versions of Pritunl Cloud but the web console will incorrectly display a shutdown instance in the failed state. This release of Pritunl Cloud fixes this issue.

AlmaLinux, Fedora 36 and Ubuntu 22.04 Images

The Pritunl Cloud images have been updated to include AlmaLinux 8 and AlmaLinux 9. The Fedora image has been updated to 36 and the Ubuntu image has been updated to 22.04. Going forward only EFI images will be released. Non-UEFI instance support will continue to be available with previous images. All new instances have been using UEFI by default and a UEFI instance does not require a UEFI host.

AlmaLinux 8 Host

Support for AlmaLinux 8 hosts is now available. The Vultr Bare Metal guide has been updated to use AlmaLinux 8 as the host distribution. This adds to the currently supported Oracle Linux 8 and Ubuntu 20.04 distributions. The Pritunl KVM repository is also available on AlmaLinux 8 to provide QEMU v7.0.0 for Pritunl Cloud instances. It is still recommended to use Oracle Linux 8 for the host when available which will provide improved functionality with the Oracle UEK kernel.

QEMU Instance Version


Instances will now display the version of QEMU running in the instance info. This info will be obtained from the instance process and will help show which instances on a host need to be restarted for a QEMU update.