Pritunl Cloud v1.2.2653.26

Pritunl Cloud v1.2.2653.26 has been released. This release transitions Pritunl Cloud to RHEL9 and QEMU 7.2.0. The web interface design has also been improved.

Pritunl Cloud can be tested in minutes using Vultr Bare Metal servers with hourly billing. The Pritunl Cloud Vultr Bare Metal Tutorial will provide instructions to install Pritunl Cloud with the automated builder to automate the installation and configuration.

Oracle Linux 9 and AlmaLinux 9

Pritunl Cloud now supports Oracle Linux 9 and AlmaLinux 9. The automated builder has been updated to use these distributions. Support for RHEL 7 and RHEL 8 will continue to be available.

QEMU 7.2.0

The Pritunl KVM repository has been updated to provide QEMU 7.2.0 builds for RHEL9. This will provide Pritunl Cloud with the latest QEMU release.

MongoDB 6.0

The Pritunl Cloud automated builder will now install MongoDB 6.0.

Web Console Design

The web console design has been improved including a new login page design.