Pritunl Endpoint Release Announcement

Pritunl Endpoint is a new endpoint monitoring system available in Pritunl Zero. Pritunl Endpoint provides system monitoring, graphing support, phone call or SMS alerts and HTTP health checks. A live demo is available in the Enpoints tab of the Pritunl Zero Demo.

Refer to the Endpoint getting started documentation section for information on configuring Pritunl Zero and Pritunl Endpoint.


The endpoints view in the Pritunl Zero console provides charting of system metrics and a view of the system dmesg log.


Endpoint alerts allow sending a phone call or SMS message to user phones when specific conditions are met on an endpoint.

Health Checks

Endpoint health checks allow verify the status of an HTTP server from the perspective of each endpoint. An alert can also be configured to trigger when a health check fails. The health check view provides charting for the health check status and average latency of requests. An error log is also shown to show any errors that occur.