Pritunl Enterprise subscription is Inactive

We are trying to reactivate our subscription to Pritunl Enterprise, but it’s stuck in “Inactive” status after payment, and we cannot fix it from our side. The subscription has been paid successfully for the current period. Everything is fine in the billing panel, but VPN does not work with the license error:
“[restless-stars-2179][2023-08-14 10:44:17,413][ERROR] Azure auth check request error
user_id = “62d027a1033ddb0ecb746e9a”
user_name = “
status_code = 470
content = “b’{"error":"license_invalid","error_msg":"License key is invalid (E)."}'””

Also, I cannot reach anyone by support e-mail How can I get support for this case?

The account has been reactivated. Thanks.