Pritunl Enterprise


I’m new to the pritunl and generally in VPN world. I’m looking to set up my own VPN with a few servers. So I have a few simple questions.

  1. If I upgrade to enterprise one of the benefits is “Unlimited devices” - does that mean that User1 can simultaneously connect to more than one device with just one .ovpn file ? Or do I still need to have different .ovpn file for every single device that I want to connect to ?

  2. Is it possible for every user to create just one login that instantly allows it to connect to any server that he wants. Without it having to import every server independently ?

  3. Is it possible to chain different VPS servers so that when users connects to a S1 it won’t be a direct connection but rather there will be a S2 and S3 VPSes between users and server that he is connected

There’s no per-user or per-device billing. The number of devices each user can connect is configured in the server settings.

When a user imports a profile it will import all servers available to the user. If more servers are added the user will need to import the profile again to update the available servers.

Replicated servers are available with an enterprise subscription. The user will connect directly to one of the replicas and traffic will be routed between the replicas when needed.

For the first question what I meant was:

1 user - 1 server - 2 devices. Is it possible that user can connect to the both devices at the same time with premium/enterprise plan. Because with the free plan I’m not able to connect to the same server with two or more devices at the same time.

As for the second question. I was referring to the for the OpenVPN app on iOS/Android or any other platform that Pritunl doesnt support. Is it possible on those platforms to import all servers at once instead of having to do it manually one by one since its OpenVPN app.

Multiple devices is available in the free version it needs to be enabled in the advanced server settings.

Only the Pritunl client will import all servers.

Oh I see thanks.

One more question. I searched a little bit and as I can see its not possible to add more servers from different vpses unless you upgrade to enterprise ? Its not possible on premium ?
Source: How to setup multiple VPS’s with PriTunl? - #2 by zach

Basically for each VPS I would have to create a Pritnul instance and basically user again would have to import every single profile itself, so in that case its not possible to import all servers at once to pritunl client in this way ?

And how is the WireGuard working now ? Since at the documents it seems like the old version of the application. And on the new one I dont’t really see the wireguard option even tho I did set it up. It always connects me to the default virtual network

Multiple hosts is only available with an enterprise subscription.

If the option isn’t being shown check verify WireGuard is installed on the client, that it is enabled in the server, reimport the profile then restart the client. The client won’t show the option unless WireGuard is detected on the client and enabled on the server.