Pritunl log export to a syslog location

Hi Team,
Is there any way we can export pritunl application , admin logs to a central remote location that can be a syslog etc.

Once auditing is enabled events will be logged in JSON format to /var/log/pritunl_journal.log. This file can be parsed by logging systems. The auditing documentation has more information.

Thanks for the reply . This is for Pritunl Zero. We have logs

-rw-r–r–. 1 root root 1168075 May 24 22:19 pritunl-zero.log

the format of this log is not JSON format . What is the command of enable and disable audit logs in Pritunl zero

Pritunl Zero uses the Systemd logs. For more detailed logging ElasticSearch can be configured to log all web requests proxied through the Pritunl Zero server.

I am not able to find out documentation about how to setup ElasticSearch on Pritunl zero. We just have 3 field in setting. I have my Elastic Search read but I am getting below error after putting information in setting tab
search: Failed to check elastic index
cannot retrieve information from OpenSearch
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