Pritunl not working on one of my private networks at home

Hi there,

Pritunl VPN was working perfectly on my previous old network. Recently, I have acquired a new faster internet connection, so now I have 2 connections in my home.

With my first network, Pritunl VPN is still working perfectly, however, with my new network, Pritunl VPN is not working. Sometimes it gives “Connection timed out to <PROFILE_NAME”, and the other times it connects successfully, but doesn’t allow me to access the VPN sites that this VPN connection is used for.

Can you help me debug this? the logging I see in the log files is identical in all cases (whether successful or unsuccessful and also identical with the working connection from my first internet connection) therefore it is not helping me to identify the error that is happening.


There is more information in the client debugging documentation. Try setting the MSS fix value to 1300 in the server settings.

Thanks for the reply Zach, does that require access to the VPN server? the VPN is maintained by my company therefore it will be hard to change anything there as it is working for other people. If that can be done on my side (client side), then can you please tell me how to change that value? I tried adding “mssfix 1300” to my profile settings but that doesn’t seem to fix it.

That is only an option in the server settings.