Pritunl Pin and MFA authentication cache issue

1st of all I am not sure what pritunl calls this feature but I have 2 community deployment of Pritunl.
In the most recent one let’s call it DEP-2 (v1.32.3504.68 a062ff and Mongo 6) once I sign in with my PIN and MFA it won’t ask me till few hours no matter how many times I disconnect and connect.
But one of my older deployment let’s call it DEP-1 which used (v1.30 and Mongo 5) it does not work like above and every time I have to sign in I have to enter PIN and MFA. FYI even I updated it to latest Pritunl (v1.32.3504.68 9cdc97 and Mongo 5) but it still does not work.
I am not able to figure out what’s the difference here. Please help

Newer releases will enable the Pritunl Client authentication cache option by default. This setting is in the top right settings in the web console.