Problems with clustering

Hi all. We are Enterprise users and have encountered problems adding new nodes. Previously we had the following architecture: 2 Pritunl servers and 1 MongoDB server. They are all from the same provider in Germany and it worked great. Now we are trying to add several new servers in other countries, they connect to the database without problems and are displayed in the web interface, however, when we try to launch a VPN instance on them, we will receive an error like:
Error on starting server: Non-200 response on starting the server body=500: Internal Server Error.
We assume this may be due to the fact that the base is located far from the servers. Our assumption is based on the fact that when starting a VPN with a small number of routes, the server starts up every other time. However, if there are 10+ routes, it does not start at all. We tried various options for connecting the base - from an SSH tunnel to forwarding the base port to the outside. However, this did not affect the result in any way. Are there any ways to solve this problem?

Check the top right logs in the web console for a more detailed error message. If it was a database connection error it may only be shown in the /var/log/pritunl.log file for that host. If it is a server start timeout error this is a known issue with MongoDB 7, the database should be downgraded to MongoDB 6.

There are no errors specifically related to connecting to the database in the logs. Only an error starting the VPN instance. We are using the latest stable version of pritunl and mongodb version 5.0.