Profile Synch Not Occurring

Client v1.3.3484.2
Server v1.30.3354.99 3f1a88

We have multiple servers running on a single host. The different servers are used to distribute our workforce unto different subnets. We need to move an organization on Server A to Server B. I stopped both of the server, moved the organization in question, and restarted both servers. The client profile was not able to connect to the new server. Checking the client out further shows that the profile has never been synched ever (in the GUI) however in the logs I do see where it was synched (Client Logs > “updating profile”). We do have an Enterprise subscription for the host, and best I can find with some googling is it should be work. Incoming connections are open for 80/443 and the ports used by each server. Host settings are set to use the public IP address for synching.

Will the profiles actually synch and update the port/server once we move them, or do we need to import new profiles under the new server?


The profile sync won’t update sensitive data such as the keys for each profile. New servers won’t be added on a profile sync.

Got it, thanks!