Proxy: Serve error auth: Failed to find auth0 user

Hi Team,

We are having an issue with the integration with Auth0, randomly I have this error in the logs and users are receiving an Internal Server Error 500. It seems that it does not find the user in Auth0, but in reality, the users do exist and are active. There are no error logs in Auth0. Any help?


This is from an API request to the Auth0 /api/v2/users handler done in pritunl/pritunl-zero/auth/authzero.go. The error will occur if the request does not return a user with a matching email. Check that the email on both Auth0 and Pritunl Zero does not have any capital letters. If there are non-alphanumeric characters in the email list them.

I don´t think that is that the email not match becuase the users are automatically created on first login. Also is ramdomly so sometimes appear the error (user see Server Error 500) and after clear the cache or open incognito mode, works again with the same user.