PTZ ARM64 Docker

Hi, I created an ARM64 architecture Docker for Pritunl-Zero, can you please add this implementation to the official version so it will be deployed to Docker Hub and benefit all users?

This is the link:

BTW: I had to do some tweaking so that the main Docker will pull the Bastion from my repository, otherwise it wouldn’t work.

Thank you :slight_smile:

There is already a Pritunl Zero docker image available. Currently only x86 will be supported.

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Yes, I know, I created this version for multiarch support, now I can use Pritunl Zero on Raspberry Pi and on AWS Graviton processors, I think it also applies to Mac M1 and M2.
Multiarch is pretty necessary for server side implementations nowadays, can you please support it? I’ve already done most of the heavy lifting including GitHub Actions to publish the packages automatically.