Push enable Autostart to all company users (mac)

Hey community, hope you’re all doing great

Our company faces the classic issue of the employees not connecting to the VPN / forgetting the PIN etc, which gives us IT guys a ton of tickets that we could theoritically get rid of easily

The autostart in Pritunl’s app coupled with the forced app opening at login from Jamf would get us through a lot (though for those using MFA, there’s probably no way of doing it)

I got Jamf to launch Pritunl when logging in the laptop as desired, but I can’t find a way to enable autostart remotely for the users.

In Pritunl’s Admin Dashboard there are no options that seem to do the trick.

Had some hope when I found out that enabling autostart moves the profile .conf from user to system, but when comparing the two contents they’re not the same file anymore argargouille

Anyone has a clue on how to do that ?

Thanks in advance !

Enabling autostart on a user profile will first convert the profile to a system profile which will allow the profile to start before any users have logged in. User profiles cannot be automatically started. The process of converting a user profile to a system profile requires getting the keys from the users keychain and converting the profile format. There isn’t any commands to automate this process. The CLI client at /Applications/Pritunl.app/Contents/Resources/pritunl-client can be used to automate adding a new system profile. The CLI client will only manage system profiles.