Python3-distutils removed in Ubuntu Noble Numbat 24.04

I updated our Ubuntu VM running pritunl server to Ubuntu Noble Numbat 24.04. Pritunl was not starting and I could not locate the service, and so I attempted to reinstall it.

I receive the following error when following the guide for installing pritunl:

The following packages have unmet dependencies:
 pritunl : Depends: python3-distutils but it is not installable

Noble Numbat comes with python 3.12 and distutils is removed in this version.

What options do I have for getting back to a working setup?

Once the 24.04 builds are available this will be fixed.

is there an estimation when will be available the build for 24.04?

Over the next few days the software will be updated for Ubuntu 24.04. Currently only the client is available for 24.04 in the stable repository.

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if you need a workaround, just download and repack the package like described here:

via remove
DEBIAN/control Depends: python3-distutils

There are no MongoDB builds available for 24.04, servers should not be upgraded until both Pritunl and MongoDB 24.04 support is available.