Query string gets lost in url-redirect

Good morning, I have the following problem:
1- A user accesses, for example, https://mysite.com/data?id=1234
2- This user is not logged in pritunl-zero and is redirected to the login page https://mysite.com/?redirect_url=%2Fdata
3 - We can see that at the time of redirect_url the query string ?id=1234 is lost
4 - If I manually add the query string, it works normally again, validating that the problem is in the redirect_url.

I would like help to resolve this issue.


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Currently only the path is included in the redirect URL when logged out. I will look into encoding it into the value in the future.

Thanks, @zach . Is it possible to accelerate this change somehow or get an estimate on when it could be done?

It has been added to the code base and will be in the next release. You could install Git and Go on the server and run the commands below to build the latest code.

GOPROXY=direct go install github.com/pritunl/pritunl-zero@latest
sudo systemctl stop pritunl-zero
sudo cp ~/go/bin/pritunl-zero /usr/bin/pritunl-zero
sudo systemctl stop pritunl-zero
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Thanks! :clap:

Thanks for all @zach! :raised_hands: