Read UDPv4 [ECONNREFUSED]: Connection refused (code=111)

Server version: v1.32.3552.76 f154ee
Pritunl client version: v1.3.3484.2

Clients will attempt to connect to the server. Clients will auth, an IP will be provided, user goes green on the dashboard, and after 60 seconds (the ping timeout) the client will error out and retry to connect. After a few attempts the client will be able to connect.

Inactivity timeout (–ping-restart), restarting
User disconnected user_id=
read UDPv4 [ECONNREFUSED]: Connection refused (code=111)"

I have tried to correct this issue a few times now and it just keeps happening. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

This is typically an issue with the OpenVPN server build. The RHEL Connection Fix documentation has information on installing the newer pritunl-openvpn package. This requires a RHEL based distribution configured with the Oracle Linux 7 or Oracle Linux 8 Pritunl repository.

This can be tested by running the server on TCP which will also fix the issue.

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That did the trick!
Much appreciated.