Restarted the Pritunl service and now the servers are not starting

We have to upgrade our MongoDB that our Pritunl severs use so part of our preliminary tests we wanted to make sure the Pritunl service pn one of our servers works fine after the service is restarted.

The command to stop the service:

service pritunl stop

and then we started.

service pritunl start

The service started. However when we look at the log files we see the following error messages:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/usr/lib/pritunl/lib/python3.7/site-packages/pritunl/server/”, line 1560, in _run_thread
File “/usr/lib/pritunl/lib/python3.7/site-packages/pritunl/server/”, line 575, in generate_iptables_rules
‘Failed to find default IPv6 network interface’)
pritunl.exceptions.IptablesError: Failed to find default IPv6 network interface
server_id = “"
instance_id = "

In the Pritunl web console I can see the host is up and running but the Pritunl servers that run on this host are offline and wont start.

Why a stop and start of the Pritul service has caused this issue? What is going on here?

That error should only occur if the server has IPv6 enabled and IPv6 is not configured on the host. Disable IPv6 in the server settings.


I am confused, this server has been working fine for years without producing errors about ip6. What could have changed on this server to produce this error message?

In the web interface under servers I can see ip6 routes configured however it sees the host as offline.
When I go to the hosts tab I can see the host is online.

When you say disable IPv6 in the server settings, is that on the physical server or via the Pritunl web interface, menu servers?

It’s not uncommon for IPv6 configurations to get lost on servers. This is often caused by a incorrectly configured router on the cloud provider. The IPv6 option is in the server settings on the Pritunl web console.

After rebooting the whole server, the service started up fine.