Restrict admin access

Hey, we running Pritunl enterprise on AWS ec2 instance.
We would like to restrict admins access from specific IPs or private NICs but at the same time allow VPN users to login, import profiles by URI, etc.
is that possible?

Currently there is only one web server and one web console. A split web server is under development to allow running the administrator web console from a different port then the web console used for single sign-on.

You can use Nginx to restrict access to different paths. The configuration below should work for single sign-on.

location ~ /
location ~ ^\/sso\/[a-z0-9\/]+$
location ~ ^\/k\/[a-z0-9\/]+$
location ~ ^\/ku\/[a-z0-9\/]+$
location ~ ^\/key\/[a-z0-9\/]+$