Route public domain through VPN

I have a public service which can be accessed by everyone. Now I want a certain path to be accessed by a certain subnet (which is my VPN server’s subnet). How do I go about routing traffic of the public domain through the pritunl server. Currently pritunl server allows creating routes with subnets. But this public service is hosted on AWS can have dynamic IP address. So how do I go about doing this?

There isn’t any option to route domains. The pritunl/tools/ script can add ranges of AWS public IP addresses.

Are you planning to add this feature? We desperately need a solution to do domain based routing through pritunl.

There’s no plans on adding it currently, it isn’t good practice to route domains.

The same issue, when I set up routes for azure storage account. According to the azure storage account docs:

Azure Storage Accounts do not have a static IP address assigned to them. The IP address that clients use to connect to an Azure Storage Account can change over time due to a variety of factors, including load balancing and failover.

I think it’s really useful if it supports to route domains.