Second login doesn't prompt for 2FA

I have a fresh Pritunl Enterprise installation. running server version v1.32.3552.76 f7b4e4
i’ve installed a fresh client version v1.3.3484.2.

i have configured radius to work with active directory - that’s all fine.
i’ve enabled 2FA on the server - that’s all fine.

when i go to connect to the server for the first time, i am prompted for the password and the 2FA code and it connects with no issues. if i disconnect and then reconnect again, it only prompts for the password. if i enter the correct password it fails to connect and i receive the error in red at the bottom of the client:

Failed to authenticate to (name of server) (name of client)

if i then wait until it’s disconnected and press connect again, it prompts me for the password and 2FA.

so it works correctly every second time.

is this a known issue? or is there a setting somewhere i can change to remediate this problem and enforce 2FA for each login?

cheers, Wiz!!

should i be submitting this request somewhere else? my customer has a paid enterprise subscription, but i couldn’t see anywhere but here to post this query.

is there is a correct place to submit support tickets for paying customers? the sign up e-mail didn’t provide any information in relation to this.

cheers, Wiz!!

This will be fixed in the next update. Disabling the Pritunl Client Authentication Cache option in the top right settings will prevent the issue from occurring.

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many thanks. this has resolved the issue.