Server with more ports to connect to


Id like to know if it is possible to make Pritunl connectable with more port options.

Il try to expain

By default OpenVPN uses port UDP 1194, but these ports are often blocked on public or corporate networks, so Id like to use TCP 443 as fail over.

UDP is preferably better option because of speed, but its better to have at least TCP than nothing.

Here comes parameterts as:

where I can specify in user config this

server-poll-timeout 4
remote server 1194 udp
remote server 1194 udp
remote server 1194 udp
remote server 443 tcp

this configuration will timeout every server in config after 4 seconds if it is not possible to connect to it, tryin to connect to UDP 3 times and then try to connect to TCP once.

I have this setup on diferent OVPN server, but Id like to use it on Pritunl.

My question is, how do I achieve this configuration on Pritunl with only one config file for users ?
Is it possible ?

If I make 2 servers, one UDP and one TCP and attach organizations to them, users wil have to download 2 separate configs

Only one port and protocol can be configured for each server.