Single Pritunl Cluster being read as 3 different servers

We have an Enterprise license and have setup 3 pritunl hosts in 3 different regions setup as replicated servers. The 3 pritunl hosts are connected to a single mongodb server. Based on the docs, this should qualify as a single cluster since we’re using a single mongodb server. However, our subscription page shows that we have a quantity of 3 and we are being billed 3x the price. I’ve reached out to the support email but have yet to receive a reply.

The subscription pricing is per host.

Hi Zach, thanks for the clarification. Did a little bit of digging and it looks like you changed your pricing model on April 2023? based on a snapshot of the pritunl homepage in

Please update your docs page as well to avoid further confusion with other users. Cheers!

what the motivation behind the price change ? that sound so crazy if you want to do replica and failover :smile:

The price hasn’t changed for any existing users. If your account went inactivate and reset to the newer price contact support and it can be reversed.