SOLVED-Pritunl-CLIENT support on Rpi , Arch support errors

I think I have done a fair amount of searching to try and get pritunl-client installed on an Rpi. Pritunl-client works great on a standard architecture but our edge devices are going to be Rpi based. The only reference I see is is a thread on github from 2016 that I think is focused on the server product.

Anyway, any help would be appreciated, we think this could be a viable solution that we of course would pay for though we do need to make it work in testing first.

Thanks in advance,


FWIW, I figured it out. I spent so much time testing gui clients and then the pritunl-client I totally missed the simple, openvpn --config xxx.ovpn file which can be downloaded from the web interface. Anyway, no wonder there is such little information on this. Anyway, hope this helps someone else. Dont bother trying to get the pritunl-client complied or built for the Raspberry Pi. Just create a user, no password, download the config file, untar, and run openvpn --config *yourfilename.ovpn" and boom goes the dynamite.

Any OpenVPN client can be used for connecting to a Pritunl server. The build repository has the scripts used to build the pritunl-client. Only Golang is required for the CLI client.