Spoofing WAN IP when connected to pritunl?

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I have a client that has all remote employees and needs to connect to a new vendor website. However, the vendor doesn’t want to create a whitelist with 40+ IPs that are probably dynamic for home use. They have whitelisted the DC IPs where pritunl is hosted.

I have added the IP address for the URL they are trying to reach to the route and using tracert can confirm the traffic is being pushed over the tunnel. However I am still having trouble connecting.

Should this work? My hope was that it would be pushed out of the DC firewall and LOOK LIKE it was coming from there with those IP addresses.

Should it work that way or is it possible to work that way?

If the IP address is added with NAT enabled it should work. You may be missing other URLs or IP addresses that are utilized by the website. Typically public websites will be hosted on multiple IP address across multiple sub domains.