Support for Mongo Atlas DB v4.4.15?

Recently Atlas auto upgraded our Pritunl DB, and Pritunl stopped working.
Does Pritunl support Mongo Atlas DB v4.4.15?
What steps can I take to Troubleshoot this?
I’m running Pritunl on Ubuntu 16, with Python 3.5.2.

Also, is this forum the only form of support for Pritunl? Is there someplace I can open a support ticket?

It’s possible the older PyMongo driver is not compatible with MongoDB 5.0, there shouldn’t be any issues with 4.4. Pritunl is no longer built for Ubuntu 16.04, this stopped when the Python 3 v1.30 was released. Even if Python 3 is installed on Ubuntu 16.04 the Pritunl v1.29 server will still use Python 2. Run sudo pritunl logs and check /var/log/pritunl.log for errors.

The support email address is

Knowing that I may just rebuild it on Ubuntu 18 or 20.

What is the recommended version, and do you have updated installation instructions for Ubuntu 18/20?

There’s information on installing Pritunl on Ubuntu 20.04 on the homepage.