Sync failing with LB in front


I have setup a LB in front of a 3 node setup, where we can access easily the UI for both admins and users but for some reason the sync address is not working, even tho at every host I have set it to but when I check client logs it still tries to download it from

Any reasons why this is happening ?

After setting the sync address on all the hosts the profile must be re-imported into the client.

I have done this
All hosts have the same domain set in the Sync Address

And profile has been imported too multiple times after this change was made and seeing still this error.

Any other things I should check ?

Check the value of sync_hosts in he .conf file in the profiles directory. This will be one of the directories below.

~/Library/Application Support/pritunl/profiles/

There I can see vpn…com and even on the client settings I can see vpn…com
Tho form logs I see it’s trying to access them via the IP of the VPN on port 80