Unable to access private application via Pritunl VPN

Hi Team,

We are unable to access private endpoints via Pritunl VPN.

We have our private application hosted on private subnets in AWS Cloud. To access this application, we have created a Pritunl VPN hosted on a public EC2 instance. We are unable to access the application via Pritunl VPN.
Private application domain is hosted in the Route 53 private hosted zone, which means within the same VPC.
Temporarily, We have launched another public windows instance and we were able to access the application from this windows instance.
Both Pritunl VPN and windows Public instances are launched inside the same VPC.

Pritunl VPN Public IP:
Pritunl VPN Version: v1.30.3157.70 4b442d
Note: We are using Free Version.

Please let us know if we can access our private application via Free trial of Pritunl Version or do we have to upgrade to Premium or Enterprise version.

Thank you.

The Route 53 DNS server needs to be set in the server settings and the DNS server IP address needs to be added to the server routes.

We already have created Internal Domain in Route 53 and mapped our Network Load Balancer to it.
Do we have to make any other configurations?

There are known issues with Route 53 accepting DNS queries from clients outside the VPC. Enabling client DNS mapping in the server settings will proxy DNS queries through the Pritunl server. But this feature requires an enterprise subscription.