Upgrade path for old install?

I have a fairly old install of Pritunl that was setup a couple of years ago and was never maintained. The version on it is 1.29.2664.67.

I successfully upgraded Mongo to version 6 and everything seems to be fine there.

This is on an Azure Linux VM (ubuntu 18.04).

What is the recommended upgrade path for a release this old?

We have about 15 VPN routers that use this server in various locations around the USA. It’s important that these device just reconnect when the upgrade is complete. We won’t have the luxury of contacting these locations and reconfiguring their devices.


The DH params option in the server settings should be increased to 2048. This would be required if the distribution is updated to a newer OpenSSL version which requires at least 2048. Changing the DH params will not effect client configurations. Builds are still available and will continue to be available for 18.04, the package manager can be used to update the packages. If no updates are shown verify the repository configuration from the repositories documentation.

It looks like my DH params is already set to 2048. I’m not so concerned with the older version of Ubuntu as I am with the older version of Pritunl. Is there any harm in upgrading pritunl from 1.29.xx to the latest build? Thanks.

I just wanted to follow up. I created snapshots of my VM and my Mongo DB Atlas cluster (just in case), ran the updates through the package manager, everything worked perfect and it’s on the latest version now. Thanks.